Thursday, December 3, 2015

Creative Meeting Attire and Greecologies Review

As a creative, I dress myself to express my individuality. But there are times when, even as a creative, one must dress appropriate for the occasion. Taking an example out of my daily life, I had a meeting for an upcoming photoshoot that I will be apart of and I had to dress for, not only the location, but also for the individuals attending the meeting. Even if it is your good friend, it is better to dress well and professional to show that there is a level of professionalism. 
Since it is a creative meeting amongst friends, I dressed myself polite enough so that if onlookers were watching, that they would know we meant business but at the same time kept my flair and sense of style in the game. If you want a look book on professional outfits to wear to the office, while still looking stylist, I am more than happy to do a post specifically on that topic. Just leave a comment down below, I am all ears. 
On a different note, the cafe in which I had my meeting was simply divine. The name of the place is called Greecologies and they serve greek style yogurt along with something called butter coffee, which I had to order. I ordered the Maca butter coffee, which I thought was very rich, buttery (of course) and flavorful. For those who like creamer in their coffee, try butter coffee. Literally no creamer needed, its fatty enough I promise. If you're ever in Little Italy in New York, go and have a look. 


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