Saturday, December 12, 2015

In front of the camera

I used to be very self conscious of being in front of the camera. Reasons why include that I had very bad acne, nerdy glasses and braces. But as I grew older, the acne went away, I got contacts and the orthodontist gave the okay to take the braces out. I also grew out of the awkward puberty stage and grew in to my self more. Now that I blog and model, I professionally have to be comfortable in front of the camera and not be too self conscious about how I look and feel. 
Here's a photo shoot that I did with my good friend, Chompoo who is an aspiring photographer. It's always fun to do a shoot with someone you're friends with and feel comfortable around. If you want to book her or myself for a shoot, please email me at either or
Hope you enjoy the shoot! More shoots to come. If you want to see behind the scenes and regular updates, check out my twitter and instagram @styleandbell 


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  1. Lovely photos....I love those shoes...


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