Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Furry Tales

I have always had a thing for fur, faux that is. Ever since I was little I've always wanted to have a big furry coat that kept me extremely warm and had me looking extremely fabulous. And now that I am an adult, my furry tale dreams have come true. It is a big commitment to wear even faux fur because of its big statement, but the statement in itself is up to the interpreter. I now own 3 faux fur coats and 2 faux fur vests and I want more and more and more. It is a winter essential for me because of its warmth and style. I will do a whole series on how to style faux fur so don't you worry if you think it is "too much" for you. I got you, boo. 

Coat: Vintage
Skirt: CPS 
Booties: Zara 
Bag: Vintage
Hat: Urban Outfitters 


1 comment

  1. That coat and the bag are pure gold!
    I can always sniff vintage :D


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