Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mae Hau Phra: Lake house

I had  the most amazing time with friends spent at a cabin on the lake. It was only a one night trip but I laughed more than I ever had in a long time. It was so relaxing to just be able to do nothing in a serene, tranquil place. I made new friends and got to know old ones better. We talked about our burdens and and troubles but also our accomplishments and success. Just a weekend trip with friends got me to know that no matter what culture and background we come from, as long as we have a bond through friendship, it will always stand. 


Friday, October 16, 2015

PSA: Healthy Living, My Journey

I started living healthy after I was hospitalized about 3 years ago. I realized (by myself) that I couldn't go on living a life where I didn't love and respect my body. Completely changing my diet, starting a fitness regime and changing my mindset was what I did over night. I quit soda cold turkey. I also went on a detox cleanse to clear my body of impurities and chemicals. As opposed to what people think of going on a "diet," I didn't go vegetarian, paleo or vegan. I just started to eat wholesome foods that were good for the body. I started exercising little by little with the help of my yoga instructor, Tara Stiles. I woke up early and started walking, which then turned to running. Slowly but surely I got stronger and weight started to shed off. People started noticing the change in me and started asking questions: what kind of diet are you on, what kind of exercises do you do, how did you quit eating junk? I started sharing my knowledge that I had researched and learned through the beginning of my journey. I even went to yoga teacher training and became a certified yoga instructor. Right after my graduation, I started teaching classes and helping people get started with their fitness journey. I went through their ups and downs with them until they had reached their goals.
Fast forward a year later, it was a rainy fall day, I hadn't slept that well the night before, I started to have heart palpitations which then turned into tachycardia. My heart was beating 141 beats per minute. I was on the verge of a minor heart attack.
Quickly rushed to the hospital, I was  diagnosed there with hyperthyroidism and sent to another doctor. After many tests and doctors later, I was prescribed medication for my tachycardia. I still have tests to go to find out if I have a thyroid disease. 
Why, you ask, did this happen when I was living a healthy lifestyle? I don't know  but now I have to live with what was given to me. 
I now live in Thailand and try my best to eat clean and take care of myself. Now my dad's health is on the decline because of his many illnesses, I've decided to reform both our lifestyles. Our lives up to now has been lived carelessly, that meaning that there wasn't  much discipline. Once I get back to NY, we will both start living a life with more structure and order.
My advice to you as you start your journey is that don't listen to negative thoughts and comments that are made to you. If you are full and you haven't finished your plate, stop. Don't try to stuff your face with the rest of your plate just  because someone comments on starving children in Africa or how hard the rice patty farmers worked to give you rice. You politely say to that negativity, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all." Secondly, tenacity is key. Rome wasn't built in a day. You didn't gain weight in a day by eating one cheeseburger and you're not losing weight in a day by eating one salad. Keep going. Finally, have a support system around you that encourage you on your lifestyle change.Maybe you will inspire them to get involved too. 
My closing words for you is that if you never try something, you will never know what you are capable of. You are amazing more than you will ever know. If no one has ever said that to you, I'm saying it now. Believe and it will happen. 


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Essential bags

I am a bag hag. I love bags, especially designer bags. I love them not because of their prestige or to gloat that, "I have a designer bag and you don't", but because of the design aesthetic. As a fashion blogger, you want not only the best quality for your purchase, but a good aesthetic that will photograph nicely for your blog. And I'm not saying that bloggers buy bags because they think it will look good on the blog. You buy a bag because you love everything about it; the material, the hardware and of course the design. That's why people are willing to save up to shell out a good amount of money for a designer bag. Because they love it. Here are some bags that I have compiled together that I think are worth the investment and that will last in your wardrobe. They are definitely not fast fashion pieces that need to be sold on depop or eBay when the trend dies out.

                           Mansurgavriel bucket bag
                       Hermes Kelly 
                     Chanel boy bag
                        Givenchy Nightingale 
                       Celine luggage tote 
                        Fendi Peekaboo
                       Cuyana Tote 


Monday, October 12, 2015


You know how there are things you want to try but never have the guts to try them? Yes, I know that feeling. I've always wanted to try Soulcycle. And I've always made excuses to why I can't do it; it being too hard, too expensive or too lonely (since I would probably be going by myself). So until now, I've never been to a Soulcycle class. I've heard so many people say amazing things about it and how life changing it can be. I've just always been too scared to take the plunge. But that, my friends, is going to all change. When I get back to the states, first things first is that I will need some time to rest and then I'm back in the fitness game. I will be signing up for my first Soulcycle class and not chickening out. As Neal Donald Walsch said, "life begins at the end of your comfort zone." 


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Thinking of you...

Hey everyone, if you didn't already know, I temporarily moved to my home country of Thailand for a short period of time. I'm loving living here but I can't help but think of home, New York. I don't have my photographer and my full wardrobe here, which means that I can't work to the fullest, and that makes me feel like I'm just sitting around doing nothing. I keep reminding myself that I will be back in NYC and working on this blog in no time.  Expect many a post when I get back to the States because I will be back in the swing of things. In the mean time, I will sit back and enjoy a coconut water. 

Top, pants and shoes: Zara 
Hat: Urban Outfitters 
Bag: Kate Spade 


Friday, October 9, 2015

Le boy

Ever since the Chanel boy bag came out in 2011, there has been a demand for it. Every season new textures, materials and finishes were added to the ever growing collection of boy bags. When I first saw a boy bag, it was instant love at first sight and then a hunger to own one came to be. It has definitely over come me so much so as now I am currently writing a post on a Chanel boy bag. I have already put it on my birthday wishlist and put it out into the universe that it will someday be mine. So the only factor left is time... 

Images from Google 

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Hello blogging community. My name is Bell and this is my new fashion and lifestyle blog. What to expect from me is pictures of what I wear, what I eat, what I've shopped and during fashion week, runway photos and mini recaps. I might even post a wishlist here and there. I promise you that the overview of my blog won't stay like this, I'm im the process of making it pleasing to the eye. I have high standards and expectations for how this blog will turn out and I hope you will follow me on my journey. 

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