Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lifestyle Review: Calia by Carrie Underwood

I am apart of the fit fam as we would say. I am a yoga instructor, dancer and gym bunny. I am also a girl who likes to dress up and look her best. So when combining the two to go to a yoga or dance studio or even the gym, I have to look cute, yet practical. I want to work my hardest to get the results I want, but I also want to look my best because (weirdly enough and I hope that other fashion gym bunnies will understand) it motivates me to train even harder. I know it may sound a little weird to some as to why I want to look nice when I'm going to sweat buckets, but to me it makes me feel a little more confident in myself. 
A fitness apparel brand that I have just discovered literally 2 days ago is Calia by Carrie Underwood. I was perusing in Dick's Sporting Goods and literally was stopped in my footsteps because everything caught my eye to my extreme delight. Her brand is all about being stylish to and from and in the gym, studio or class. It has little details that a fashion blogger and detail oriented person would love. For example, the stylist paired an open back sweater with a strappy detailed sports bra in the Calia shoot; there are so many layering options with Carrie's line that it makes it fun to get dressed to go to the gym. There is a level of design to her clothing that is well thought out, such as her moto leggings. They look both stylish like regular moto pants with the ribbed detail in the knee, but they perform like performance leggings that you can train in. The price for her clothing (for the fit, quality and design) is reasonable. It is not Lululemon or Sweaty Betty prices, but it is definitely not Target prices either. My tip is spot the sales because they are usually very good and a bargain. 
Her accessories are also great, such as her blanket scarf. It is not only soft and comfortable, but it is not thing and dinky so that it will make you look stylist, yet make you freeze your little bottom off. It is thick, warm and looks great. Her gym bags are stylist and not to mention have rose gold hardware, which many a girl will delight in. 
I give Calia by Carrie Underwood a thumbs up for their effort in design and attention to detail. Look forward to going and purchasing a couple of pieces soon.


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  1. I can totally understand what you're saying. It always motivates me to work out if I have something cute to wear and to feel comfortable at the same time. It may sound superficial, but it is what it is, I don't care :D
    This collection is so cute, by the way!


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