Monday, December 7, 2015

Photography Compilation

As a blogger, you get introduced to the world of photography. All things about tripods, lenses, editing softwares and cameras, you get acquainted to. And you become pretty good at it to be completely honest with you. When I'm behind the camera shooting photoshoots or just taking pictures of scenery, I genuinely enjoy the whole process. Some people who aren't as fortunate as myself to be able to have the arts as their job probably won't understand that I enjoy going to work. My office is a hip, up and coming cafe ready with a cup of coffee and meetings are made up of creatives that have the same interests. 
Here are some shots I took from the past week, no photoshoots just yet (they will be coming this week if I can crank it out in time). But these are just shots I took of places I've been like my favorite coffee joint and the park. 


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