Friday, January 1, 2016


Today on New Year's Day, I had a free day to spend time with my dad doing errands in the city. We also did a teensy bit of shopping and browsing as well, as per usual when it comes to me. We first went to the Flatiron District to check out some things at Nike and do a little investigating on some job stuff. Then we headed down to Soho to Nike Lab to do more job stuff as well as the usual perusing of beautifully made clothing. Nike Lab itself may be small, but its interior design makes a huge statement. The light fixtures, mirrors and glass droplets that hung from the ceiling make the room have an ambiance that screams luxury sportswear. I wish I brought my camera so I could have snapped the place for you but it was so crowded inside that the picture would just have been inundated with people in the photo. 
But hopefully, fingers crossed, this "job stuff" I've been talking about comes true, you'll be seeing a lot more Nike or even Nike Lab on the blog. 

Coat: Forever 21
Shearling Vest: Calvin Klein
Top: Nike 
Pants: Thailand 
Shoes: Nike
Cap: Lululemon 


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