Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pink Hues

There seems to be a theme with this little wishlist/gift guide I see... There are some affordable bits and some more high end bits as well in this 4 piece collection. I, for one, am thinking of purchasing (not all at once of course) them all because, to justify myself, I need them for work. Nah, not really. But definitely the jacket and the Alexander Wang wristlet with the keychain attached would look good with a midi skirt and heels for fashion week coming up in February. But this is just me justifying again. It would be nice to own them and it would also be amazing to give them away to people who would love them too. 

1. Michael Kors Pom Pom keychain
2. Alexander Wang Fumo Wristlet
3. Frends x May Kwok Headphones
4. Style Nanada Suede and Shearling Jacket 

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  1. These headphones are so nice...


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