Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Practice makes perfect

I am a late bloomer when it came to the whole beauty thing. Literally so late that I almost passed my teens before getting into make up, hair and skin. In the beginning, I did not know what I was doing because my mom did not wear a lot of make up. Her whole morning routine, as beauty gurus would say, was put on Johnson baby powder, eyeliner and blush. Of course I saw all those glam girls doing highlighting and contouring, smokey eyes, and ombre lip colors and I wanted to be able to have those make up skills too. 
I started out researching products because I didn't want to pay for something that did not do its job properly and waste my money. I found out everyone was raving over the Kat Von D tattoo liner. (And I really wanted to be able to do a cat eye and look super fierce). It was my first ever investment into make up products, but from my research, I knew it was good. I just had to apply it to my eye lids properly. That, my friend, was the challenge. At first I spend literally 15 minutes trying to get both eyes to look symmetrical and then would spend another 10 rubbing it off with make up remover because I didn't like how it turned out. But I felt (somehow) more confident with that little black line of extension on my eye. 
Soon cat eyes were a thing of the past, I could whip one out in a heartbeat. Now it was onto that smokey eye. I struggle, looking like a panda at the beginning. My makeup artist friend even said I should stop doing make up because I was embarrassing myself. That, of course, coming from not only a good friend, but a make up artist, hurt my feelings. But to spite him, I watched even more tutorials and practiced even more. Smokey eye, hun, I've got you. 
If you are going to start something, maybe its doing make up or maybe its starting a business or blog, know that in the beginning, things are going to be hard. And I'm not saying it gets better as time goes along, you just adapt better to the situations brought at hand. Be persistent and tenacious. You might not get into the swing of things the first time around. But I promise you, you're going to get better at it. The first thing you should do is take the first step. 


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