Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Essential bags

I am a bag hag. I love bags, especially designer bags. I love them not because of their prestige or to gloat that, "I have a designer bag and you don't", but because of the design aesthetic. As a fashion blogger, you want not only the best quality for your purchase, but a good aesthetic that will photograph nicely for your blog. And I'm not saying that bloggers buy bags because they think it will look good on the blog. You buy a bag because you love everything about it; the material, the hardware and of course the design. That's why people are willing to save up to shell out a good amount of money for a designer bag. Because they love it. Here are some bags that I have compiled together that I think are worth the investment and that will last in your wardrobe. They are definitely not fast fashion pieces that need to be sold on depop or eBay when the trend dies out.

                           Mansurgavriel bucket bag
                       Hermes Kelly 
                     Chanel boy bag
                        Givenchy Nightingale 
                       Celine luggage tote 
                        Fendi Peekaboo
                       Cuyana Tote 


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